7 Frequently Asked Questions About First Aid for Nose Bleed With Image

First Aid for Nose Bleed Nose Bleeding A nosebleed occurs when blood flows from one or both nostrils. It’s normally caused by the tiny blood vessels of the nostrils that are being ruptured. Common causes of nosebleeds include a blow to the nose, Sinusitis, sneezing, picking or blowing the nose, Cold or flu, climate, Nasal allergies and high blood pressure.… Read More

First Aid for Broken Bone

First Aid for Broken Bone Broken Bones First Aid: Control the bleeding by keeping sterile, clothes /cotton pad with a firm pressure. Always keep the injury area in antigravity direction to Blood loss. Do not let the person bear any force on the fracture. Don’t try to move the person only if necessary to avoid further injury.… Read More

First Aid for Asthma

First Aid for Asthma Asthma Asthma is a long-term chronic lung disease in which your airways narrow & swell and produces extra mucus. Asthma makes breathing difficult and triggers coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Asthma affects people of all ages. For few people, asthma is a minor problem.… Read More

First Aid for Allergy

First Aid for Allergy Causes of Allergy 1. Dust mites 2. Pollen 3. Foods such as peanuts, cow’s milk, soy, seafood and eggs 4. Cats and other hairy animals such as rabbits, dogs, horses, and guinea pigs. 5. Insect stings. 6. Moulds. 7. Medicines. 8. Similar reactions can occur to some chemicals and food additives, however if they do not involve the immune system, they are known for adverse reactions rather than an allergy.… Read More

6 Critical Skills You Should Have When Giving First Aid for Heart Attack

First Aid Tips for Heart Attack First Aid for Heart attack If someone had heart attack …… • Help the person to sit down, rest, and try to keep calm. • Loosen the tight clothing if any. • Ask if the person takes any heart-related medication, for a known heart condition, and help them to take it.… Read More

Ambulance App – Book an Ambulance in a click

Ambulance Service in Bangalore You are enjoying your ride back with your friend from Raasta Cafe, when suddenly, a speeding car rams into your bike at a crossroad and drives away without stopping. You somehow escape the accident with minor injuries. But your friend is down, unconscious and bleeding. You are in a state of shock.… Read More

4 Different Types of Blood Donations You Never Knew

Types of Blood donations Did you know when you choose to donate blood at donation centers; there are different types of donations you can give? The best type of donation for each individual depends on their blood type, physical characteristics, personal preferences, gender and the availability of convenient donation. Giving the right type of donation helps ensure the best use of your valuable contribution.… Read More

7 Tips to Celebrate Safe & Happy Deepawali

Tips to Celebrate Safe Diwali Deepawali is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals across India and the world.  Deepawali is the time for fun and festivity. The preparations start many weeks in advance. People get their houses spic and span in anticipation of Goddess Lakshmi to visit their homes during this auspicious occasion.… Read More

Bombay Blood Group or HH Blood Group – The rarest blood Group

Bombay Blood Group- The Rarest blood Group What is Bombay Blood Group?? Bombay blood group or HH Blood Group is a rare blood group type that was first discovered in a patient of Bombay (Mumbai), India in the year 1952. It is a rare condition and has been reported in 1 of 10,000 individuals in India and 1 in a million people in Europe.… Read More