Procedure to Transport Dead Body by Air

Blood for sure Ambulance operates across the world and assists people in transfer/moving human body to domestic, national and international sector throughout the world with utmost care, respect, concern and at most economical cost. There are a few formalities to be completed before moving the body to any Cargo flights. 1.… Read More


First Aid For Stroke First Aid for Stroke Check the patient’s consciousness: If the patient is unconscious and breathing normally, or not fully alert, place the patient in a supported position. If the patient is conscious, check          Face: whether the patient’s face droop on one side.          Arms: Check whether one Arm is hanging down than the other.          … Read More

7 Frequently Asked Questions About First Aid for Nose Bleed With Image

First Aid for Nose Bleed Nose Bleeding A nosebleed occurs when blood flows from one or both nostrils. It’s normally caused by the tiny blood vessels of the nostrils that are being ruptured. Common causes of nosebleeds include a blow to the nose, Sinusitis, sneezing, picking or blowing the nose, Cold or flu, climate, Nasal allergies and high blood pressure.… Read More