Do You Know Aspirin Intake Can Kill You?

What is Aspirin? Aspirin is a common pain reliever/pain killer (analgesic) can be used for a headache, common cold, to reduce fever, & toothache. It reduces the substances that cause pain & inflammation in the body. Other than using it as a pain reliever, sometimes it is used to prevent heart attacks, stroke & other cardiovascular conditions, only under the supervision of the medical practitioner.… Read More

First Aid For Burns

First Aid For Burn First Aid for burns is decided based on the degree of Burns. 1. Cool, the burn under running water for at least 10 minutes, until the pain eases. 2. Remove any clothes or metal or tight items from the burnt area except the one stuck to the burnt skin & protect the burn from further harm.… Read More


First Aid For Stroke First Aid for Stroke Check the patient’s consciousness: If the patient is unconscious and breathing normally, or not fully alert, place the patient in a supported position. If the patient is conscious, check          Face: whether the patient’s face droop on one side.          Arms: Check whether one Arm is hanging down than the other.          … Read More