Mind Numbing Facts About Rare Blood Group Named After A City

A person with new & rare blood group is found in Lok Samparn Raktdan laboratory, Surat, Gujarat. The person’s blood group doesn’t match with any other A, B, O, AB and also Bombay Blood Group or also called as HH Blood Group. The new blood group is named as INRA; the first 2 letters represent India (IN) & the next two name of the person (RA).… Read More

Bombay Blood Group or HH Blood Group – The rarest blood Group

Bombay Blood Group- The Rarest blood Group What is Bombay Blood Group?? Bombay blood group or HH Blood Group is a rare blood group type that was first discovered in a patient of Bombay (Mumbai), India in the year 1952. It is a rare condition and has been reported in 1 of 10,000 individuals in India and 1 in a million people in Europe.… Read More